Tough times

We all know that life isn’t precisely a bed of roses. Sooner or later we encounter situations that force us to leave our comfort zone, take risky decisions or fight fiercely like a real viking. Sometimes we can hardly manage these problems; perhaps we didn’t see them coming, or perhaps we did, but they are tough to handle anyway and we can feel defenceless and lost.

The truth is that it’s how we decide to confront tough times what can make us fail or succeepic 8d. We can see difficult times either like a curse that will drag us down or an opportunity to learn and improve ourselves.

Although it may sound hard to believe, we can always learn something from a bad experience (if we really want to) and become wiser and stronger: a better version of ourselves at the same time.

Remember that You’re bigger than any challenge!

(I apologise for my clumsy attempt to make an animated film. This was my first one, and I promise I’ll learn how to do something decent soon!)

Anna M. Vives Amat

artist/art therapist



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