How I switched from Art to Art Therapy

I was born in Barcelona and raised in the rural Catalan heartland, where nothing ever happens but the slow motion of the leaves falling off the trees. My early interest in arts and illustration led my steps to Literature and the publishing industry, a passionate love I am still nurturing painstakingly.

In 2004 I became a teacher in public school. For long years I saw powerless how my students (both teenagers and adults) struggled to cope with difficult unresolved issues while attending their classes. Some of them suffered from behavioural disorders, low self-steem, stress, addictions, trauma… and I could do nothing about it.

One fine day, when feeling totally frustrated and defeated, I heard of Art Therapy and how this therapy (based on psychology, human development and art) promoted people’s development. Three months later I enrolled university, and some years after I got my Master’s Degree in Girona, Spain.

For two years I worked as an art therapist in different institutions. Extremely tough and rewarding, my first job was to accompany seniors with parkinson disease and emotional distress ‘feel alive’ and improve their quality of life as they got older. I think I will never forget the day that an old sulky granny used a watercolour brush for the first time and smiled at me. Her face brightened up and she smiled broadly with her tired wrinkled eyes, too. Something changed in me, and I decided to help others to change as well.

Later on I had the privilege of meeting a group of newcomers from different origins (Africa, South America and India) to whom I helped to explore and understand their complications of immigration and acculturation. Art Therapy offered them a way to support and share their complex cultural stories, as well as provided them with a tool for anxiety release.

My next step consisted of accompany people who suffered from addictions. To them, Art Therapy worked as a supporting tool in their addiction treatment. Luckily (and I am very grateful for that), it also helped them to examine aspects of their life that they could not explain in a conversational way to other therapists.

Today I am still developing my career both as an artist and art therapist, thrilled to share my art tools, knowledge, intuition, compassion and care with those who need it, either through Art Therapy or creative workshops.

Thankfully, technology shortens the distance between people, so it does not really matter where you live now; if you are in need of a session, you can schedule one online. For further information, you can contact me directly on this website.